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From a handful to millions

Moulded components can be made with high precision in quantities that range from a few to several million. Our advanced injection moulding machines can produce parts using various types of plastic. The molten plastic is injected under high pressure into precisely shaped moulds. The injection moulding machines can provide clamping forces ranging from 20 to 500 tons. The components are made with either pure plastic or with plastic combined with other materials. The products can weigh from a few grams to about four kilograms.

The production process is fully automated and includes the use of reliable 6-axis Fanuc robots, thus keeping costs down. MV Plast is very experienced in the injection moulding of plastic parts that will later be chrome-plated for a shiny finish.



MV Plastics Ltd. is a leading supplier of molded components in series from a few to several million.
Injection molding made ​​with several different types of plastics with our advanced production equipment. With many years
experience in plastics and injection molding is MV Plastics Ltd. a strategic partner in the development of new plastic parts.

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